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Ground Zero Diary
"Ground Zero Museum Workshop Experience the 'REAL' Ground Zero"

Ground Zero Museum Workshop, known as the "Biggest LITTLE Museum in New York" is open Monday through Sunday, and ADVANCE TICKET PURCHASE IS REQUIRED. Your New York Tour will not be complete without a trip to this special little museum that has a near-perfect 5-Star (4.8) Customer Review average. Most visitors looking to learn more about September 11 & the "Recovery" come to this museum BEFORE making their trek to the former World Trade Center site. This Museum is NOT THE 9/11 MEMORIAL. The museum is very proud to have just been ranked the #2 Most Popular Tour in NYC by TripAdvisor.com website and the image collection was dubbed "Rare Photos" by The New York Times. Tours last about 2 hours, and we can accommodate TWENTY-EIGHT (28) people per tour. You will have 15-minutes at the end of the tour to purchase posters and books or for extra questions. All images in the museum are by Gary Marlon Suson, the Official Photographer at Ground Zero for the Uniformed Firefighters Association (watch a feature story of Mr. Suson on FOX NEWS). Mr. Suson will occasionally sit in on a tour, but no longer leads them. Tour guides and firefighters lead the tours 7 days per week. The open loft space is about 1100 sq. feet; small by museum standards but as thought-provoking & important as any Museum twenty times its size. The museum was inspired by Mr. Suson's 2004 visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. His emotional visit helped him understand the reality of the Holocaust, so he decided to build a similar museum that would help visitors to NYC understand what went on "inside" Ground Zero. We use the word "workshop" because it is interactive by nature, especially since visitors may pick up and hold certain remnants. We custom make images for people so this also was a contributing factor to the "workshop" name. Admission is $25.00 per person for the 2-hour tour and this is used to cover the museum's operating costs and also shared with the FDNY and 9/11 charities listed on this website. $19.00 reduced admission for Senior Citizens (65+) and children aged 12 and under. GZMW is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Museum, so your ticket and merchandise purchases are tax deductible. For immediate family members of 9/11 victims and for active FDNY, PAPD and NYPD with proper I.D., tours are complimentary. (please email us at: groundzeromuseum@aol.com) To read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please click here. The Museum has been featured on worldwide media and tv, most recently on Australia's famed travel show,  GETAWAY. Known as a "kid-friendly" museum, the collection of images is non-graphic in nature and schools often book private tours to educate their students about 9/11 and the "Recovery" from a very unique perspective. All tours consist of a historical introduction by a trained guide, a 12-minute video presentation, an interactive walk-through history of select WTC artifacts, and lastly, the self-guided audio experience which details the history behind 80 stunning images from the Ground Zero Recovery. You may listen to an in-depth interview with Mr. Suson on "Inside MAC Radio" by clicking here. To listen to Mr. Suson's latest interview on Australian Radio from the 7-year anniversary of 9/11, click here. If you subscribe to TWITTER.com, you can follow us at 911Museum. Questions ? Talk to our staff "LIVE" during Museum hours on AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) at "GroundZeroMuseum". Make sure and check out the new "High Line Park" just steps away from the Museum and those looking to do some designer clothes shopping, you can now present your GZMW ticket stub to get 10% off any purchase at the DDC LAB store directly across the street.

Food is a big part of anyone's visit to NYC, so if by chance you are on a Gluten-Free/Wheat-Free diet, GZMW has a great offer for our GF guests since we teamed up with the famous "Mozzarellis" (a Gluten-Free Italian Restaurant). Bring your ticket stub/receipt to Mozzarellis at 38 East 23rd street and get 20% off any Pizza or Dessert, which are ranked #2 in NYC. Shopping for clothes? Museum guests also get 20% off at the trendy DDC Lab clothing store across the street. If by chance you are in need of an excellent local Chiropractor while on vacation in NYC, call Dr. David Levin at (212) 675-0070 or check him out on the web at yelp. He is just a 5-minute walk from the Museum.


We are located 8 minutes from Ground Zero by cab or subway. For a downloadable NYC MAP that also shows where we are located, click Here. Special discounts for groups available. Mr. Suson's 200-page coffee table Barnes & Noble book, Requiem: Images of Ground Zero is sold at the museum but you can also order it online here by sending us an email request. It sells for $49.00 and contains approximately 280 of his most well-known images from the Recovery. The book can be autographed upon request. To read a recent story on the Museum, check out "Traveling Today" online magazine. If you would like to book a really well-done walking tour of Lower Manhattan, which includes the Ground Zero site, we highly recommend NYCVP.com's Ground Zero Tour, which you can book online by clicking here: www.nycvp.com. If you are looking for other great things to do in New York, we suggest you check out NYCTourist.com. To view the TOP 10 attractions in NYC, you can click here.

On exhibit are numerous World Trade Center remnants and over 80 of Gary Marlon Suson's most notable photographs from the Ground Zero Recovery, including the Ground Zero Bible Page, the Clock stopped at 10:02 AM from September 11, the "Today is 11" Calendar Page and several Honor Guard images. These images have been featured on CNN, FOX NEWS, CBS, NBC, THE NEW YORK TIMES, WB, BBC, SKY NEWS, AL-HURRA, REUTERS, ASSOCIATED PRESS, NHK (JAPAN), VANITY FAIR ITALIA, LA REPUBBLICA (ITALY), NIPPON, RTL (HOLLAND) and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER. Custom images are available for purchase upon request. Some of the larger pieces take 2-4 weeks to prepare and can be shipped to your home or office. All purchasers are required to sign an agreement which states the images being purchased are not for re-sale, transfer, Xerox, e-mail, mass production, distribution nor licensing to any other parties or media outlets without prior, written consent of Gary Marlon Suson.

Ground Zero Museum Workshop is the only museum of its kind in New York. You won't see images like these anywhere in the world. The museum also features lifelike "3-D Installations" that place viewers right into the "hole" at Ground Zero. We allow certain items/artifacts to be picked up and handled. This is allowed so visitors have a more interactive experience with the hopes of having a greater understanding of what took place during the Recovery. For example, visitors will be able to pick up WTC window glass and steel. Observing the weight and density of such items helps one to have a better understanding of the size and mass of the towers. Some remnants are on temporary loan from Ground Zero recovery workers and firemen. There are no "victim's identifiable personal belongings" in this museum; only remnants from September 11.

12:00 Noon & 2:00 P.M.
11:00 A.M. & 1:00 P.M.
11:00 A.M.
11:00 A.M. & 1:00 P.M.
11:00 A.M. & 1:00 P.M.
11:00 A.M. & 1:00 P.M & 3:00 P.M.
12:00 Noon & 2:00 P.M.


2 Hours

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We are located in the Meat-Packing District of Manhattan.

For directions click the Green Arrow in the map below:

The address is:
420 West 14th street, Floor 2
(between 9th Avenue & Washington Street)

BY SUBWAY, you can take the A, C or E (BLUE LINE) train to 14th Street and 8th Avenue. From Union Square (14th Street), you can take the "L" (GRAY) train to 8th Avenue. The 14th street crosstown bus is also a quick way to arrive here. Get off at 9th Avenue. When you arrive, buzz #3 and take the elevator to the 2nd floor. You may call (212) 209-3370 for a tour reservation. It's best to call several days or weeks in advance, but if its a last-minute call we promise to do our best to accommodate you. To visit Ground Zero after the tour, simply walk to 14th Street and 8th Avenue and jump on the downtown E subway train. It is only about 6 minutes to Ground Zero and you get off at the last stop, called 'World Trade Center/Chambers Street'. Above you will be Ground Zero and also nearby is historic St. Paul's Chapel, the oldest Church in New York that luckily survived the collapse of the World Trade Center towers.

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Ground Zero Museum Workshop is certainly an emotional and humbling experience. It is similar to visiting the Anne Frank Museum in Holland, where the reality of what happened is not sugar coated. There are no graphic or morbid images displayed here and the core of the collection focuses more on the recovery efforts as opposed to the tragedy of the morning of September 11. Everything is presented tastefully and beautifully but the history cannot be ignored so you should be prepared for an experience much deeper than standing outside the gates at Ground Zero. Rare video footage from the Recovery is also displayed on large screen while you view the photographs & remnants. If you are a direct 9/11 family member, we will waive the admission fee. In addition, if you wish to have no other people in the Museum Workshop while you are there, this also can be arranged. In either case, please do not buy tickets through our regular channel, but instead contact the museum directly by emailing GroundZeroMuseum@aol.com. The intention of Mr. Suson's Museum Workshop is not to be a harrowing experience; on the contrary, it is meant to be a beautiful and touching way to remember the fallen and those that struggled to recover them. The only memory that most people have of that day is the sight of two towers collapsing and aerial, video footage of Ground Zero seen on the news. Ground Zero Museum Workshop will take you past the security gates of Ground Zero, months after that fateful day and into a world previously unknown other than to those that worked at the sacred, World Trade Center site.

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